School meals

Children in Reception and KS1 classes are eligible for a free school meal at lunch time as part of the Government’s Universal Infant Free School Meal policy.  Lunches are provided by Baileys Catering and can be ordered directly from their website.  Children's meals are charged at £2.30 per day for pupils in Key Stage 2 ( click here for a sample menu).

Alternatively children may bring a packed lunch from home. This should also adhere to the government guidelines. Cans or bottles of fizzy pop and sweets of any sort are not allowed. Crisps are discouraged as are certain meat products with a high fat/salt content e.g. sausage rolls, corned beef, sausages. We do not allow nuts or any nut products as we have children in school with possible nut allergies. 

Hot dinners are always eaten in the hall.  In fine weather packed lunches may be eaten outside and during wet playtimes packed lunches are eaten in the hall.

Please click on the link below to visit Baileys Catering's website.



Please click on the link below to the 'Change 4 Life' website to see healthy ideas for packed lunches.