Annual Parental Questionnaire - Home Learning 2020
We would appreciate some feedback from you regarding the home learning that we have provided over the past few months. This will be used as part of our planning for the Recovery Curriculum. The new government guidance states that schools should continue to develop blended learning. That means we must be prepared to teach face to face for the majority of the time but have good quality remote learning provision in place that can be used in the event of a local lockdown. Thank you for your feedback.
If you have more than one child at school, please complete a separate questionnaire for each child
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We are now looking at how to use technology to improve the remote learning experience of pupils in the event of a local lockdown and their education more generally in the future. You can pick multiple answers to this question
If you would value a personal response from the Chair of Governors and/or the Head Teacher, then please feel free to add your name