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Reception Admissions In 2022

Joining reception class at Wolverton in September of 2022

Hello From Wolverton Reception

Hello from Mrs Horton – Reception Class Teacher

I am Mrs Horton and I have a number of years teaching experience, working in Primary Education.  Over recent years I have worked in Reception, a phase of the school that I thoroughly enjoy.

In Class 1 our Reception children have lots of opportunities to play, explore, investigate, experiment and learn in both our inside and outdoor classrooms. We encourage the children to develop skills and knowledge through lots of playful and hands on experiences.

Throughout the reception year it is wonderful to see how much the children grow in their confidence and independence. They quickly become active members of our school community; taking part in whole school and key stage events such as the Christmas play, fayres and discos, assemblies and festivals.

Each day the children have phonics, maths, topic and story sessions with the teacher. They often the complete other games and activities with an adult to develop this learning further as well as having ‘let’s explore’ time where they can develop their own ideas.

The children’s interests and experiences shape a lot of our planning and we also have a range of topics to inspire the children’s curiosity and imaginations. Language development is at the heart of our curriculum and through these topics the children explore a variety of books which expand their vocabulary and knowledge.

  • Autumn 1: Welcome to Reception.
    • What makes me a me?
  • Autumn 2: It’s getting cold outside
  • Spring 1: Wild about animals!
  • Spring 2: Let’s get building.
    • Spring is in the air!
  • Summer 1: Growing, growing, growing
  • Summer 2: Let’s go on a journey

Throughout the year we also plan activities outside of the classroom. Each Wednesday we go on a welly walk, initially in the school grounds and then later in the surrounding area. We also go on school trips to investigate and learn about the local area.

Mrs Y Horton

Hello from Mrs Dean – Headteacher

Dear Parents,

I hope that you find the following information and video useful in helping you to make the important decision of where to enrol your child as they start their learning journey in Reception.

Under normal circumstances, we very much welcome parents and children into school to have a look around, meet the staff and children and gain some insight into how learning happens at Wolverton.  I believe that our children are our strongest selling point as they are able to talk confidently and knowledgably about their learning and as prospective parents you can see their level of engagement in lessons first hand.  I hope the video will give you some insight into the range of learning opportunities we provide for our children, both in Reception and across the school, and give you an idea of what the school looks like from the inside.  Unfortunately, what we can’t capture for you is the welcoming feel and the buzz for learning within our small and friendly school.

Once current restrictions are lifted, then we plan to offer tours of the school at the end of the day. If you are interested in this then please contact the school via email on or phone on 01926 842214, to arrange an appointment.

Thank you for your interest in considering Wolverton Primary School as a place to start your child’s education.

Kind regards

Marjorie Dean

What parents have to say about the School

What’s lovely to see is the way that the small size of the school means that friendships are formed throughout the year groups – our daughter seems to know every single pupil in the school (and most of the parents as well!)

Parent with children in Reception & Year 4,

I feel that the mixed year groups help create a strong sense of community in the school.  Whilst it is small, the children all get to know and support each other in a way that  I don’t think happens in larger schools.

Parent with children in Year 1 & Year 2,

We were really worried that Covid would mean that our son and the others in his class would have a really hard time settling into the school,  but Mrs Horton and the rest of the team have been really great, helping them settle into a routine.  It certainly doesn’t seem to have disrupted his learning at all and he loves the fact that he gets to bring books home and read them with us (even if they do have to go into quarantine!)

Parent with child in Reception,

Some of the activities that this reception pupils have got up to!

How do I apply for a place at the school?

You need to visit the Warwickshire County Council site at and follow the instructions listed there.

Although as a foundation School the Governors are the Admissions Authority, applications for Reception entry are handled by arrangement with the Warwickshire Admissions Service in accordance with their agreed timetable.

The closing date to make your child’s school application is 15 January 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs -Starting In Reception

We take up to 15 pupils in Reception class. In exceptional circumstances we may take an additional pupil.

Reception pupils are in a class of their own.  When pupils move to Year 1 they will move into a mixed age Y1 and Y2 class.

This year we have one class teacher and the equivalent of one full time teaching assistant in the Reception class.  The teaching assistant role is currently split between two members of staff.

Yes, Reception pupils can attend wrap around care which is provided by Premier Active from 8.00 a.m. to 8.45 a.m. and again at the end of the day from 15.15 p.m. up to 18.00 p.m.  More information on wrap-around care can be found here

Yes, Reception and Key Stage 1 pupils are provided with a daily fruit / vegetable snack

Children in Reception are taught the EYFS curriculum. This is organised into 7 areas of learning.

Prime areas:

  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Physical development

Specific areas:

  • Literacy
  • Mathematics
  • Understanding the world
  • Expressive arts and design

Each day the children have phonics, maths, topic and story sessions with the teacher. They often the complete other games and activities with an adult to develop this learning further as well as having ‘let’s explore’ time where they can develop their own ideas.

The children’s interests and experiences shape a lot of our planning and we also have a range of topics to inspire the children’s curiosity and imaginations. Language development is at the heart of our curriculum and through these topics the children explore a variety of books which expand their vocabulary and knowledge.

More information of the School’s curriculum can be found on our curriculum page

There are 2 outdoor areas adjacent to the Reception classroom. One area includes a covered space so children can access the outdoors in all weathers. Our outdoor areas are organised into zones with a wide variety of resources for the children to build, explore and play with. These include a big parts play area, water zone, sand zone, mud kitchen, den building area and exploration area.

Parents and children are welcome to visit the school once Covid lockdown restrictions are lifted.

Yes Reception children have a range of home learning activities and games. These include reading, phonics and maths.

All children are supported in line with their age and stage of development. Support is provided in a variety of forms, for example, an adult providing additional resources for a child, talking them through how to do an activity or helping them to complete a task such as putting on their coat or doing their buttons.  We have found that children with birthdays in the summer term do not necessarily need any more support than those children born in the autumn term.  Support is provided for individual children, as and when they require this.

We offer induction visits in the summer term during which the children have the chance to meet their class teacher and other members of the class

If your child has SEND then depending on their level of additional needs the school will be able to provide appropriate support. Parents should speak directly to the school to ensure that their child’s needs can be met.

You can find more on the the School’s approach to SEND on our Inclusion & SEND page

Class teachers communicate with parents in a variety of ways; these include through Class Dojo, email, telephone conversations, the school newsletter and face to face meetings, as appropriate.

Progress is monitored in a variety of ways including through adult observations, the children’s work and assessments. Our planning and teaching is closely linked to your child’s previous learning in order to ensure they make good progress throughout the year.

We use the ‘Letter and Sounds’ phonics scheme. The children have a daily phonics lesson which includes a mixture of reading practice, games and activities. They quickly learn to recognise individual sounds and then blend them together to read words. As part of our phonics sessions we also teach the children how to write the letters using a cursive font and they then begin to write short words and sentences. In the autumn term Mrs Horton will give a short presentation to parents about phonics and how to support your child in learning to read.

Each morning the children self-register and then enjoy a short carpet session completing the calendar. Throughout the morning there is then a mixture of teacher led sessions as a whole class, adult led activities in small groups, pairs or individually and ‘let’s explore time’ where the children can develop their own play and learning. We all sit down to eat snack together and have playtime with Key Stage 1. Before lunch the children vote for a story to listen to. At lunch time the children sit with their friends and have either a packed lunch or school dinner. They then go out to play on the playground. After lunch it is assembly and then the rest of the afternoon is again a mixture of whole class teaching, adult led activities and games and let’s explore time. At the end of the day we have another story and song/poem time.

For information on school uniform please see our Our Uniform Page

All children are reminded to go to the toilet regularly through the day e.g. before lunch and playtime.  Children who need additional support are reminded by staff to go more regularly.  If parents have concerns then they can discuss these with the class teacher and where appropriate advice from the school health service COMPASS sought.

School lunches are free under the Government’s’ Universal Free School Meals’ scheme for children in Reception and KS1.

You can see more about lunches on our School Meal’s page

Children who are allocated a place in the Reception class attend for two afternoon induction sessions prior to the summer break.  When pupils come into school in September they attend for mornings only for the first week.

FAQs -The Wider School

Pupils in the lower end of the school do not go swimming.  Those pupils in upper Key Stage 2 who can not swim have a short course of intensive lessons.

We use an outside caterer ‘Baileys catering’ to provide hot meals & packed lunches for the pupils. They can cater for pupils with a range of dietary requirements.

You can find out more about School Meals at our School Meals page

Year groups are combined to form mixed age classes in Year 1 and Year 2; Year 3 and Year 4, and Year 5 and Year 6. As our admission number is 15 pupils year groups are combined after the Reception year to form viable class sizes. The teachers are skilled in teaching mixed age classes and ensure that the children’s learning meets their individual needs.

At the end of Year 6 pupils move onto a variety of secondary schools within the local area including those in Warwick, Stratford Upon Avon, Henley and Alcester.  Some pupils and parents opt to attend private school, others move to places in Academies and Grammar school

A number of teaching assistants are employed across the school. In Reception Mrs Field and Ms Sweeney support the children’s learning.

You can see more about our staff levels here

We take up to 105 children within the school

Information on the schools SATS scores is available here

Music tuition is offered from Year 2

All behaviour is managed in line with our Positive Behaviour policy, which is available here,  and our 3 school rules ‘Ready, Respectful and Safe’.

Bullying is addressed through our Positive Behaviour policy.  Our joint Personal, Social, Health Education and Relationship Education scheme (PSHE & RSE) provides the children with information on what constitutes bullying and give them the opportunity to consider the effect bullying has.  We also use the materials produced in the annual Anti-bullying campaign to highlight this issue and reinforce the steps pupils can take to address bullying.

FAQs – Admissions

Applications for places are made via the Warwickshire admissions website

Yes. This is part of the admissions criteria used by Warwickshire.

FAQs – Priority Area – Don’t I need to live in the village?

No not at all  – in fact many of our pupils live outside the villages of Norton Lindsey, Wolverton and Langley, in places such as Chase Meadow in Warwick, Hatton Park, Snitterfield, Claverdon and beyond.

However the School does have a ‘priority’ area that encompasses these three villages (Langley being shared with Claverdon School) and this does come into play IF the school is oversubscribed (You can see the priority area in the adjoining map – the blue line indicates our ‘priority’ area and the orange one our ‘shared’ area.)

In the event that Wolverton School is oversubscribed, then the following over-subscription criteria will be used when allocating places;

    1. Children in the care of, or provided with accommodation by, a local authority and children who were looked after, but ceased to be so because they were adopted (or became subject to a child arrangements order or special guardianship order);
    2. Children living in the priority area who will have a brother or sister at the school at the time of admission;
    3. Other pupils living in the priority area;
    4. Children living outside the priority area who will have a brother or sister at the school at the time of admission;
    5. Other children living outside the priority area

However if you like our school, but live outside the ‘priority’ area, we would still suggest that you put us down as your first preference!

FAQs – Travelling In

Although the majority of our children live in the villages of Norton Lindsey and Wolverton, we have children who travel in from a much wider area including Claverdon, Snitterfield, Budbrooke, Hatton , Langley and Chase Meadow in Warwick.

Unfortunately the school is not ideally situated for Public Transport, so the majority of our children come via car, walk, cycle or scoot!

Approximate Travel Times By Car are just;

  • Budbrooke – 7 Minutes
  • Chase Meadow – 10 minutes
  • Claverdon – 5 minutes
  • Hatton Park – 10 minutes
  • Langley – 5 minutes
  • Norton Lindsey – 2 minutes
  • Snitterfield – 6 minutes
  • Wolverton – 2 minutes

What’s happening in and around our School

A Celebration Of The Childrens’ Learning At Home and In School In 2021

A collage of work, art and pictures that the children have done whilst learning at home and in school in 2021

Autumn Conker and Acorn Sculpture Competition

Entries in this year's competition......

A Celebration Of The Childrens’ Learning

A collage of work, art and pictures that the children have done whilst learning at home and in school

VE Day 75

The 8th May 2020 was a bank holiday to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Allied forces Victory in Europe and even though the United Kingdom was in Covid-19 related Lockdown, the children have been marking this important anniversary.

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