Pupil Voice

Elections have now taken place for the positions of responsibility within the school for the academic year 2016 2017.

Head Girl Mia Jarrett
Deputy Head Girl Emily Stobart
Head Boy Joshua Webber
Deputy Head Boy Nikhil Samani
Eagle House Captains Flynn Jones & Olivia Mugford
Snowy House Captains Eddie Hodgson-Turner & Kashish Chohan
Tawny House Captain Oliver Jones
School Council:  
Year 1 Charlotte Laming & Otto Castle
Year 2 Tilly Patchett & Fenton Lightwood
Year 3 Zoe Quirke & Owen Griffiths
Year 4 Sammy Goulding & Sophie Butler
Year 5 Isabel Baumfield & Cameron Strachan
Year 6 Laura Duncan & Jacob Rushton


The School Council meets regularly to share the children’s views and ideas on a range of school issues and to help make decisions. Council members collect the views of their peers which they bring to meetings for discussion and they also provide feedback to their classes.

We also have regular House Meetings where all members of the school have the opportunity to express their views and make suggestions.